Concept & organization

Concept & organization of the rally

2120 will be the fifth edition of the Entre 2 Mers Rally, an innovative concept offering both the discovery of a road route connecting Biarritz to S’Agaro and the opportunity to drive on automobile circuits, without restraint.


The Entre 2 Mers Rally offers the discovery of a route between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean with a route linking the Basque Country to the Costa Brava. It is also the opportunity to race on three iternational circuits, against the clock or for the simple pleasure of driving.


The event is open to beginners as well as more experienced crews because it is not necessary to have a high-performance car to win the rally. You will be offered a wide variety of events throughout the stages to distinguish the efficiency and complementarity of the participating pilots and co-pilots. Coffee breaks and passage checks will be supplemented with general knowledge questionnaires relating to the automobile and the regions crossed. The classification will be established by adding the penalty points received throughout the course and during the driving tests. The team with the lowest number of penalty points at the end of the course will be declared the winner of the Rally.


Three circuits will welcome you for tests dedicated to driving: the Haute-Saintonge Circuit, the Albi Circuit and the Luc Circuit. The format of the event is based on the regularity of your lap times and a briefing prior to entering the track will explain the procedure to you. Members of the organization will guide you through the event. The duration of the track will be approximately 20-30 minutes per car. The purpose of the event will be to complete as many laps as possible, with the greatest regularity. A selection of your “lap times” will be retained for classification and the cars will be listed by categories and classes in order to establish a fair classification.